• New 30,000 square foot two level central plant containing:
    • four 1,000 ton chillers
    • four 400 HP boilers
    • two 1,500kW diesel emergency generators
    • four 2,500 GPM cooling towers and domestic water heaters
  • Partial basement and mezzanine
  • Materials management and an attached 8,000 square foot material management area
  • Installation of underground fuel storage
  • Utility tunnel connecting to the basement of the hospital

Cost: $28 million

Duration: 36 months


  • IFS complied an aggressive schedule using a collaborative process to implement the project
  • Temporary loading dock was built to maintain material flow and deliveries throughout the construction
  • Connection of the new systems to existing buildings was executed with minimal disruption to hospital operations while ensuring patient safety at all times
  • Time critical schedule resulted in a project of multiple phases with major technical demands that was completed on time and within budget


Architect – Eckenhoff Saunders Architects

Mechanical Engineer – Grumman/ Butkus

Electrical Engineer – Dickerson Engineering

Contractor – Power Construction