• Project Description: Single story building consisting of a screened indoor dining area to seat 60, outdoor dining, full kitchen, and bar/serving area including site work and landscaping.
  • Project Goals: Provide an alternative dining and gathering environment that appeals to the younger members but is consistent with the architecture of the club.
  • Project Budget: $2,233,000.00
  • Finished on time and under budget



  • Members are happy with the environment and how it balances form and function.
  • The permit process for the project was complicated due to the oversight of 5 jurisdictions including: Cook County, Kenilworth, Waukegan, Winnetka and MWRD. IFS championed the approval process with all of the government entities.
  • The Club’s Manager was pleased that the end product was accomplished on schedule and with a team that worked well together.


Architect- Booth Hansen

General Contractor- Valenti Builders

Mechanical Engineer- Building Engineering Systems, LLC

Electrical Engineer- Building Engineering Systems, LLC