• Remodel 3 surgical patient units totaling 64 monitored beds
  • Relocation and remodeling of 26 Intensive Care Unit beds
  • Expand and remodel 16 Operating Rooms and recovery area.

Project Cost: $100 million

Project Duration: 3 years consisting of 12 phases.


  • OR capacity was not reduced during the construction.
  • Interim Life Safety Measures were coordinated with the hospital for each phase.
  • Coordination with and the implementation of Infection Control Measures were adjusted for each phase, including patient flow.
  • Schedule throughout the project was maintained.
  • Equipment was purchased and installed per schedule.


Architect – Loebl Schlossman & Hackl

Mechanical Engineer – Robert G. Burkhardt & Associates

Electrical Engineer – Dickerson Engineering

Contractor – Pepper Construction