• New 80,000 square foot, healthcare facility including built in 2 Phases:

Phase I – two-story building housing:

  • Physical therapy
  • 24-hour urgent care center
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory services
  • Sleep center
  • Various physician offices

Phase II – addition of 3rd floor to the occupied building including a state of the art’ video conference center for patient education and staff training

Cost: $21 million


  • The project was a new development on a 14.6 acre greenfield put together with the purchase of 11 parcels
  • The development included master planning for the site, site improvement including utilities roadways/parking and detention plus the construction of the first phase of the plan
  • IFS managed the coordination with several regulatory agencies to obtain the required approvals
  • Phase II involved extensive planning and coordination from IFS as the Medical Practices on the floors below had to remain fully functional during the 3rd floor addition
  • The client’s facility had a strong focus on orthopedics and they wanted to provide a park like site giving patients and staff a chance to walk in nature. IFS worked closely with the client and consultants to create a walking path surrounded by natural landscaping


Architect – Eckenhoff Saunders Architects

Mechanical Engineer – Robert G. Burkhardt & Associates

Electrical Engineer – Dickerson Engineering


Phase I – Berglund Construction

Phase II – Power construction

Phase III – Michuda Construction